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Dear Readers, Sorry for being so inconsistent! My life’s been pretty busy lately and I haven’t really been writing on a regular basis. But don’t worry! Writing articles is becoming part of my daily routine. I’ll try to post articles about twice a week! Thank you for your patience. Sincerely, Kaleb “the Sports Kid” Cox […]


In the year of 1956, Baseball was what you might call a “soft” sport. Everyone just wanted to go out there and have fun. But this isn’t 1956. This is 2013. Rivals are made in the MLB. And when rivals throw baseballs at each other, things get ugly. That’s what happened during the epic brawl […]

Talkin’ Clutch with the NBA Countdown Crew

In the NBA Finals you have to be magically clutch like Tony Parker was in game 1 (go Dodgers). Game two of the NBA Finals, 8:00 PM Eastern Time (6:00 Mountain) on ABC (or Watch ESPN of course).

Every Basketball Fan’s Favorite Time of the Year: The NBA Finals

Well, Basketball Fans… The Finals are finally here. The Miami Heat vs. the San Antonio Spurs, it’s going to be great. As you know, I was very disappointed in the Memphis Grizzlies for making it to their first franchise Conference Finals just to get swept by the best basketball team in the west, the San […]

The Grizz: What to do?

Well, the Finals are 50% decided. But they shouldn’t be. Here’s why: sweeping is not allowed in the conference finals. Period. These are the two best teams in your conference, competing to see who gets to enter the Finals. The Finals! This should be the most evenly matched series in your conference—in the entire playoffs! I think […]

Hello Everybody!

Hi! My name is Kaleb and welcome to The Sports Kid Blog! I hope you enjoy my sports stories. I can write about every sport from Hockey to Basketball! I hope you find them sounding like my idol‘s, Bill Simmons‘, articles that he writes on his own website,–except from the perspective of a kid. […]