In the year of 1956, Baseball was what you might call a “soft” sport. Everyone just wanted to go out there and have fun. But this isn’t 1956. This is 2013. Rivals are made in the MLB. And when rivals throw baseballs at each other, things get ugly. That’s what happened during the epic brawl between the Magic Johnson owned Los Angeles Dodgers and the Arizona Diamondbacks. Many say it was all about “baseball’s unwritten rules.” It started up in the bottom of the sixth after LA’s Yasiel Puig got hit in the face by Diamondbacks’ pitcher, Ian Kennedy. This was clearly an accident, however according to ESPN insider, Buster Olney, the unwritten rule here is that the offended team (in this case it would be the Dodgers) gets one shot to try and hit someone on the opposing team. They took that chance the first opportunity they could: the top of the seventh inning. What upset the D-Backs is that Dodgers’ pitcher, Zach Greinke, took multiple shots to eventually hit Miguel Montero in the middle of the back. They thought he should only get one. The benches got onto the field and words were probably being said that I’m not old enough to hear. The umpires got everyone settled down before anything bad could happen. Not even an inning later in the bottom of the seventh, Greinke got up to bat and Kennedy appears to take a shot at him towards the head. According to the same unwritten rule you’re not allowed to purposely hit someone in that area. The benches erupted. Punches were being thrown, umps were trying to separate the two teams. And on top of all that, six people were ejected. The men in blue finally got everyone separated, and resumed the game. It ended in a 5 to 3 Dodger’s victory. No one knows which team really violated baseball’s unwritten rules. All I know it’s that I can’t wait to see next year’s season opener: The Dodgers and the Diamondbacks playing in Australia. Thanks for reading and prepare for more articles.


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  1. Kathy Ericksen · · Reply

    Kaleb, you are amazing! I wish I had been watching this game, you have explained it in such a great way! I really believed the unwritten rules in baseball should become written rules. Thank you so much for the update, keep up the great work. Many great things are yet to come for you!

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