The Fall of Donald Sterling



If you use the internet, (which you obviously do) you’ve probably have heard the story of Donald Sterling. 
Sterling was the owner of the Los Angeles Clippers for about 33 years (1981-2014). He and his wife, Shelly Sterling were a part of that organization.
Around September 2013, a female friend of Sterling’s, V. Stiviano, posted an photo on Instagram of her and NBA Hall-of-Famer, Magic Johnson, at a Clippers’ game. Sterling was infuriated at Stiviano, and later got in an argument with her, which she recorded. In it Sterling said very harsh things racially toward Magic Johnson and all other “black people.” He told Stiviano: “It bothers me a lot that you want to broadcast that you’re associating with black people,” “You can sleep with them. You can bring them in, you can do whatever you want,” “The little I ask you is…not to bring them to my games.”
Later, Stiviano gave the recording to celebrity news website, TMZ, who released it on April 25, 2014. Sterling sued Stiviano for doing so. The NBA is made up of mostly black players, so this had quite a major affect on the association. Many players, former and current, spoke out against Sterling.
On April 26, 2014 the Clippers Organization met and agreed that they didn’t want Sterling to be a part of their franchise (or any NBA franchise for that matter). They nearly boycotted game 4 of their series vs. the Golden State Warriors. They decided to instead to wear their practice uniforms inside-out to obscure the logos.
NBA Commissioner, Adam Silver held a press conference to announce Sterling’s punishment. He had decided to ban Sterling from all things NBA for life, along with a 2.5 million dollar fine (the most allowed to give in the NBA). Here is the clip of the commish dropping the hammer.

His new nickname is “The Silver Hammer.”
Sterling is currently in a very complicated lawsuit with the NBA.
Many believe that this was too harsh of a punishment, considering that it was a private conversation that he had, and that someone invaded his privacy.
In the end, the Sterlings ended up selling the Clippers to Microsoft CEO, Steve Ballmer for 2 billion dollars.
And that, everybody is the story of Donald Sterling. Please tell others about this blog, and stay awesome! Make sure to follow if you haven’t already! More articles coming soon!


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  1. ~ Julie ~ · · Reply

    I honestly didn’t understand all of this while it was going on. It seems like so much money and such a harsh punishment for just stating his opinion. In private, too. Maybe I’m missing something??? Anyway, great post! 🙂

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