Dear NFL


Dear NFL,

As you may have noticed, the Pro Bowl is not exactly a big hit with players nor fans. It’s an unnecessary risk for players, as they don’t want to get injured in a game that doesn’t even matter. Therefore, the game ends up being really boring, as the players don’t even play defense. I know that it gives something to watch during the two week gap between the NFC and AFC Championship Games, but I think that there are better ideas.

I have a proposition to make. From now on, instead of having the Pro Bowl, I say that we take the teams with the two worst records in the league, have them play, with the winner getting the #1 overall draft pick. With this game, the teams will actually have something to play for, making for an entertaining, hard played, game. It will be loads more fun to watch than the normal Pro Bowl. Not to mention that there’s actually something to play for.

Now, all of this doesn’t necessarily mean that players can’t be named to a Pro Bowl team, because it’s fun to see how many Pro Bowl selections legends have on their résumé. There just won’t be any game involved. The new game will most likely add more viewers, and be more popular with the fans. We can call it “the Toilet Bowl”, or maybe “the Draft Bowl”, if you want to be a little nicer. You can decide.

This game will be tons of fun to watch, and the teams will have something to play for. This will be a win-win for both you, and your fans. I hope you consider this idea for next year. It’ll be a great game.


Kaleb Cox

Please share, and tell your friends to share wherever you can! We want this to reach the NFL! Thanks for reading!


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  1. Anna Bailey · · Reply

    Great idea, Kaleb. You are awesome!!!

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