March Madness: Breaking it Down

My favorite time to watch College Basketball is during the month of march. Isn’t it everybody’s? There have been some upsets (Georgia State over Baylor) and some not (Kentucky is still winning). With both of those, it has been a great few weeks of college basketball.

There have been some of everyone’s favorite way to end a game: buzzer beaters. The Georgia State/Baylor game happened to be one of those moments.

And thus, everybody’s bracket (including mine) was mercilessly destroyed. I had Baylor going to the Final Four.
Crazy things happen in the month of march, and that is why we love this tournament so much.

The Final Four is being held in Indianapolis, Indiana this year, and the four teams that made it were the undefeated Kentucky, Wisconsin, Duke, and Michigan State. The favorite to win it all, of course, was the Wildcats of Kentucky. With John Calipari at the helm, it looked like nothing was going to stop this team from winning it all.

Until last night.

This game came down to the wire. Wisconsin, however, was not like any team Kentucky had faced in the tournament so far. They WANTED to play the Wildcats. They weren’t afraid. They were ready to fight, and win. During the second half, both teams had major scoring droughts. Wisconsin, then Kentucky. During the last minute, the Badgers started to run away with it. the final score was 71-64 with Wisconsin on top, thus ending Kentucky’s streak of 38 won games.

The Duke/Michigan State game was far less interesting with Duke wining by 20 in the 81-61 victory over MSU.

I do believe Duke has a better chance of beating Wisconsin than they did beating Kentucky, but I had Kentucky and Duke in the championship. Regardless, it should be a fun game to watch!

The stage is set for the final game. Who will come out on top? Vote below for who you think will win? Duke sits atop my bracket, so that’s my pick. Thanks for reading! Don’t forget to follow through email, vote, and share! Have any ideas for posts, polls, etc? Please like and comment!


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