Hi! My name is Kaleb and welcome to The Sports Kid Blog! I hope you enjoy my sports stories. I can write about every sport from Hockey to Basketball! I hope you find them sounding like my idol‘s, Bill Simmons‘, articles that he writes on his own website, grantland.com–except from the perspective of a kid. I’m twelve, in seventh grade (well technically going into seventh grade) , and live in a family of six, seven counting my dog, Shadow. You can leave questions and comments in the comment section below. You can even give me ideas on what to write next! Well, once again, thank you for logging on to my website, and enjoy the articles!


One comment

  1. Hey Kabs,
    Great blog buddy. I am so glad you are doing this. Keep up the good work.
    I showed it to a lady I worked with and she wondered if your picture was on your blog?
    We couldn’t find it, so she suggested you put it on. I have a great picture of you onthe bookmobile I am going to text to your dad. She loved it and thoujght it would look great on your blog

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