2013. What does that mean to you? To me, it means arguably the best sports year in the history of sports. The year made us laugh, cry, it made us happy, and it made us sad. As I said, to me, it was the sports that made it special.  NBA In the sport of […]

When America’s favorite 46-year-old actor interviews America’s favorite record-breaking quarterback, the results are hilarious.

  This NBA Season has been as exciting as most, with some pretty big headlines. I’ll be breaking them down for you. Before the season began, Bill Simmons and Jalen Rose did a 2013 NBA preview, ranking each of the teams from least to greatest. The Chicago Bulls were #1 (see http://www.grantland.com/story/_/id/9752786/bill-jalen-nba-preview-grantland-channel) There predictions aren’t […]

  Last week I was able to attend my first NFL game. I wasn’t a huge fan of either team, but I was excited nonetheless. I rooted for the Colts, despite the fact that we were in “Charger Nation.”  It was the San Diego Chargers vs. Indianapolis Colts monday night game. First I’ll have to […]

  Duck Dynasty fans, this one’s for you guys. Many know Phil Robertson for co-staring in the well known TV show on A&E, Duck Dynasty, along with his brother, Si Robertson, and two sons, Willie and Jase Robertson. As the founder of “Duck Commander” he loves two things: ducks and football. In fact, he actually […]

The NFL 2013 preseason has begun…and that means quarterback battles. One of the only reasons I watch preseason. Most if which consist of a rookie quarterback, and a QB that’s been there for awhile. One of the most heated battles is on the Jets. Second Round rookie Geno Smith tries to take the spot of […]

The 2013 NBA season is over, and you know what that means: Free Agency! It’s time to find out who went where in one of the craziest free-agent offseasons ever (I say that just about every year). One of the first big changes that happened was actually a trade. One that sent the Boston superstars, […]