The NBA regular season has met its end. The Playoffs have begun. Who will rise to the top? That will be decided. This NBA Season was a great one, with lots of stories. I’m here to tell those stories. Just remember that I’m fourteen. This will be the season told from a (young) teen’s view. […]

My favorite time to watch College Basketball is during the month of march. Isn’t it everybody’s? There have been some upsets (Georgia State over Baylor) and some not (Kentucky is still winning). With both of those, it has been a great few weeks of college basketball. There have been some of everyone’s favorite way to […]

Dear NFL, As you may have noticed, the Pro Bowl is not exactly a big hit with players nor fans. It’s an unnecessary risk for players, as they don’t want to get injured in a game that doesn’t even matter. Therefore, the game ends up being really boring, as the players don’t even play defense. […]

Bill Simmons. I’ve mentioned his name before. The best there is when it comes to sports journalism. Creator of and the “B.S. Report” podcast. His name has come up a lot in social media over the last couple days. He has been suspended from ESPN for three weeks due to some comments he made […]

  If you use the internet, (which you obviously do) you’ve probably have heard the story of Donald Sterling.  Sterling was the owner of the Los Angeles Clippers for about 33 years (1981-2014). He and his wife, Shelly Sterling were a part of that organization. Around September 2013, a female friend of Sterling’s, V. Stiviano, […]

Most of you may know that the NBA Draft (along with my little brother’s birthday) is tomorrow. And now I present to you my latest mock draft (First ten picks). 1. Cleveland Cavaliers: Jabari Parker 2. Milwaukee Bucks: Andrew Wiggins 3. Philadelphia 76ers: Dante Exum 4. Orlando Magic: Noah Vonleh 5. Utah Jazz: Joel Embiid 6. […]

  Well, the NFL season has come and went. The Playoffs are over, and so is the Super Bowl. But, just because it’s over, doesn’t mean it’s necessarily over. You’ve got the combine, the draft, and most importantly: free agency.  Let’s talk about the Broncos. After a horrible Super Bowl loss to Seattle, they were […]